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Health Cost & Risk Management (HCRM) is dedicated to delivering precise, actionable data that empower clients to impact employee health. We recognize the challenges that resources, budget constraints, and time can pose, and we’re committed to supporting our clients in all areas.


HCRM aims to empower health plans, including self-funded groups, to manage member health cost-effectively. Utilizing AI-driven predictive analytics, we aim to revolutionize cost and risk management, fostering financial stability and positive client outcomes.


We envision using clinical analytics powered by predictive AI modeling to empower health plans. Through innovative technology, we aim to proactively reduce risk and cost while fostering a positive employee culture for organizations of all sizes.

Our Story

HCRM emerged when our president noticed a gap in the healthcare industry and recognized the need for predictive analytics. In 2003, we pioneered providing accurate predictive modeling tools to the small to mid-sized self-funded market. With this, predictive modeling tools were no longer exclusive to large organizations.

Since then, HCRM has been delivering tailored cost solutions, data analysis, and risk management to organizations of all sizes. Our platform offers a holistic view of your employee population, focusing on the highest costs and identifying risks and future high-cost individuals for a healthier future.

We can’t change the past or the money spent, but we are committed to supporting you as you focus on improving member health to minimize future claims and savings.

Our Team

Our passionate and dedicated expert team delivers all of our services. Each member of the HCRM team supports our clients in unique ways, combining their areas of skill to give comprehensive solutions to organizations of all sizes.

William F. Bramble

William F. Bramble

Kelsey Simmons

Kelsey Simmons

Client Services and Marketing Coordinator

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Explore the potential for enhanced health outcomes and long-term cost containment with HCRM. Our advanced clinical predictive modeling and reporting system offers the accurate and actionable data you need. Contact us today to discover tailored solutions for health plans, employers, consultants, providers, and health management vendors. Schedule a demo or a call now to embark on your journey with HCRM.