Provider Organizations and Healthcare Analytics

Gain crucial insight into your healthcare data with HCRM.

The Importance of Healthcare Analyses and Data Analytics for Healthcare Providers

Health systems, physician groups, clinics, and other provider organizations are engaged in more direct contracting, providing population health programs, and taking on more financial risks in the process.  Predictive modeling and claims analytics provide valuable data and the actionable information they need to quantify the risks, negotiate equitable contracts, develop and improve care programs and demonstrate outcomes and savings.

Healthcare Data Analytics Services with Health Cost & Risk Management, LLC

For health care systems providing services, for example, clinics and accountable care organizations, HCRM can integrate the health system EMR (electronic medical record) patient data with the external claims data for all the other providers. This gives a 360-degree view of all care, not just what is in the EMR. The clinicians see all gaps in care, all drugs used by the patient, as well as other diagnoses and treatments. The providers can then use this information to better serve patient needs as well as proactively encourage visits by specific members.

For those doing direct contracting, the HCRM system allows them to accurately assess the clinical and financial risk of taking on the employer plan and pricing their services. For primary care providers, HCRM can integrate their EMR data with external claims data for a full picture of patient health.

Get the Most Value Out of Your Data Analytics

Healthcare systems  can benefit from HCRM technology support. Our team integrates EMR patient data with external claims data, giving you a 360-degree view of all care services beyond the EMR. 

Gain insights into gaps in care, medications, diagnoses, and risk measures, enhancing patient care and encouraging proactive measures.

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How Healthcare Organizations can Benefit from Data Analytics with HCRM

You can gain greater insight into your healthcare provider organization’s data at an affordable price with HCRM. We offer the most cost effective, industry-leading technology, with our extensive experience integrating data from EMRs with external claims. Our single sign-on process enhances usability, embedding an icon in the EMR at a patient level for easy access. 

Choose HCRM for affordability, ease of use, and unmatched accuracy in managing your healthcare data.

Why Choose HCRM?

Accurate Predictions

Leverage our industry-leading AI-driven predictive modeling system to demonstrate outcomes and improve reporting. Our high-accuracy, low-cost analytics and forecasting integrate internal and external clinical data to give you insight into overall trends and outcomes for care program, clinical cohort and total plan performance.

Measuring Risks in Dollars

HCRM converts clinical risks and forecasted outcomes in dollars and a number of related metrics.  You can match historical trends with future outcomes utilizing the array of measures provided in our system.  Get a solid understanding of the financial risks associated with direct contracts.

Staying Ahead of Rising Costs

Healthcare is constantly evolving with new diseases, treatments and standards of care, often resulting in rising costs.  Understanding the outcomes associated with clinical programs and this changing environment is essential to improving performance and demonstrating value.

Improve Patient Outcomes with HCRM’s Analytics

HCRM empowers you to take control of your healthcare analytics. Using advanced analytics, we identify risk mitigation opportunities and key performance indicators. Our team can work with you  to enhance your members’ health and clinical outcomes. We aim to position your organization for optimal value, improved financial performance, elevated patient satisfaction, and operational excellence driven by health analytics.

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