Clinical Outcomes and Reporting

Enhance your care management systems with our outcome reporting technology.

Why Clinical Outcomes Reporting Matters

Clinical outcomes and reports are designed for organizations implementing a wellness or disease management program. They assess the effectiveness of clinical practices, track patient outcomes, and provide insights through detailed reporting to aid in proactive decision-making.

Clients will obtain truly actionable information to better target efforts and create effective strategies that will deliver results to the different types of populations that they handle.

Clinical Outcomes Reporting and Assessment with Health Cost & Risk Management, LLC

Clinical outcomes and reporting can be obtained through our Predictive Modeling Service providing cost trends, compliance in standards of care improvement, Risk Score trending and utilization trends. Our unique Care Management System provides trending of customized scoring tools and member level reporting to assess intervention strategies. The reporting will provide meaningful outcomes of the strategies that were prepared through understanding the cost drivers in the population and how the risk has changed throughout the program. The user-interface, Health Risk Monitor, will provide easy access to monthly updated reports allowing you to monitor your efforts and provide automated reporting to your customers demonstrating the value and ROI of your programs.

Our Patient-Reported Outcome Measures and Solutions

Our approach is to report changes with participating members in claims cost, utilization trends and compliance with standards of care to know if the program strategies are working— not just tracking efforts. HCRM also uses the most accurate predictive modeling to identify members that are increasing in cost and accurately assess their motivation to make changes. By easily identifying the right members for outreach, clients can make the most of their limited resources for intervention.

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Benefits of Clinical Outcomes and Reports

HCRM stands out by reporting changes in claims cost, utilization trends, compliance, and more. Our active predictive modeling system identifies cost-increasing members and provides actionable insights for:

  • Improved health management strategies
  • More targeted engagement of members
  • Actionable and meaningful reporting
  • Higher productivity and improved workflow
  • Lower resources required
  • Embedded tools to assess electronic data and capture valuable insights

Why Choose HCRM?

Accurate Predictions

HCRM provides reliable data analysis and predictions for individual members and the health plans of any size. Our model is regarded as the most accurate claims-based system available in the healthcare market, ensuring trustworthy analyses and allowing your business to benefit from state-of-the-art technology. Our historical assessments set the baseline for program evaluations.

Measuring Risks in Dollars

At HCRM, we recognize the need to quantify clinical and financial risks in dollars. This enables program assessment in a meaningful way - identifying future cost trends, evaluating savings and assessing ROI (if any), etc. This is fundamental to understanding and demonstrating performance.

Staying Ahead of Rising Costs

Improving programs and member engagement is essential to keeping them fresh and effective. HCRM’s tracking and reporting of outcomes provides the actionable information needed. This capability also allows employers to assess the effectiveness of their programs, while care management vendors can demonstrate return on investment for the health plans.

Enhance your Future

HCRM’s predictive analytics solutions offer actionable insights for better health management strategies, focused engagement, and identifying future risks. Our system provides convenient reporting and monitoring, enabling you to assess cost drivers and track risk changes with minimal effort. We've made predictive analytics in healthcare accessible and simple.

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