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Wondering about the benefits of partnering with Health Cost & Risk Management (HCRM)? Gain insights into our technology's impact on your health care program through a comprehensive demo. 

Our demo processes 24 months of real but de-identified claims and eligibility data, showing results on the Health Risk Monitor (HRM) reporting user interface. An online session with our team will also demonstrate HRM functionality, discussing group and individual risks and costs as well as a discussion of health programs and vendors that would be appropriate to address the issues identified. Population health management vendors can also explore our Care Management module for use by their health coaches to track interventions with plan members.

What You’ll Learn

Our demos have two primary goals:

1. Data Insights

To show how our predictive modeling solutions produce insightful data, allowing for actionable decisions to enhance member health and identify cost-saving opportunities.

2. Actionable Reports

To provide an in-depth look at our technology’s extensive reporting capabilities.

Through the demo, clients experience the system's user-friendly interface, the highlighted key risks, and the extensive opportunities for cost reduction.

Why Book Your Demo?

Experience the benefits our risk analysis technology can offer with a demo of all our services. The HCRM team will demonstrate how easy our platform is to use while providing predictive reporting to enhance your members’ health and create opportunities for cost savings.

What Our Clients Say

Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell
HCRM is a great organization to work with. I've been working with HCRM for the past 17 years, and in my experience there is no stronger technology platform out there in the medical AI, predictive modeling space. Bill Bramble and the leadership team are dedicated to their clients and are constantly innovating to lead the next generation of predictive modeling tools. The application of of their technology is wide and broad from health systems, onsite clinic operators, care management/health improvement specialists, underwriting, payors,and healthcare finance professionals. Most importantly, the HCRM platform is intuitive, easy to navigate, and produces powerful actionable data to help solve the biggest challenges in healthcare today.
Melissa Sowers
Melissa Sowers
Easy to navigate systems and services.
David Chiappino
David Chiappino
My experience with HCRM has been outstanding! The data is well organized and insightful. The support team is knowledgeable and available. Frequent updates keep the user experience fresh and meaningful. I will continue to recommend HCRM to my colleagues!
Ron Janetzke
Ron Janetzke
HCRM has been a critical component in my work for the past 4 years that I've been working in the medical management space. Not only is their product top-notch, but the customer service of their people has exceeded my expectations!

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Healthcare Predictive Analytics exists to empower healthcare organizations through thorough data mining and future forecasting. Here at HCRM, our predictive analytics tools utilize leading technology and are the most cost effective in the market. 

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