Healthcare Predictive Analytics

Utilizing predictive analytics to improve member health and enhance your long-term financial future.

Supporting You With Healthcare Predictive Analysis

Chronic illness and healthcare costs have been rising for the past several decades. Healthcare predictive analytics  uses data, algorithms, and AI to forecast future healthcare trends, member claims costs and risks. It uses historical data and claims integration to aid in proactive decision-making to improve member health and reduce overall costs for healthcare organizations. Predictive analysis is for anyone looking to identify patients at high risk, improve treatment plans, track outcomes, and improve overall quality and cost reduction of health plans.

Healthcare Predictive Analytics with HCRM

HCRM predicts member clinical events and costs, and then tracks outcomes, including cost, risk, and compliance with professional standards of care. Our clients typically utilize predictive analysis through our user-friendly application, Health Risk Monitor (HRM). Clients provide HCRM with appropriate contacts at their carrier/TPA and PBM. HCRM reaches out to request historical data and a monthly file feed going forward. 

HCRM validates and normalizes the data and puts it through a predictive modeling system utilizing advanced AI-technology such as predictive algorithms.  The results are reported through the HRM user interface that allows users to quickly and effectively identify and stratify the population by clinical risk metrics. HCRM also offers data file feeds containing the monthly forecasting and claim data for custom reporting. Clients include benefit consultants, clinics, and healthcare management vendors who use predictive analytics to improve patient care and reduce costs.

How Predictive Analytics in Healthcare Works

We provide actionable insights for clients to improve their targeting efforts and refine strategies for diverse populations. The reporting assesses cost drivers and tracks risk changes at the member, cohort, and health plan levels, offering better health management strategies, more focused engagement, and meaningful reporting. A Care Management System is also available for in-house care programs to monitor intervention and engagement. The user interface allows convenient access to regularly updated reports and automation of reporting with minimal effort.

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The Benefits of Predictive Healthcare Analytics

At HCRM, we strive to give our clients measurable information and clear points of action to improve their healthcare management. Our cutting-edge technology offers organizations of all sizes levels of predictive analysis that used to be available only for large companies. With the most cost effective system available in the predictive analytics industry, you can experience benefits such as:

  • Improved patient outcomes with early interventions
  • Identification of high-risk members
  • Cost reduction through preventative measures
  • Overall improvement in member health
  • Generally lower annual cost for operations
  • Easy access to electronic health records

Why Choose HCRM?

Accurate Predictions

By utilizing the most advanced AI-driven Predictive Modeling and Forecasting available, HCRM provides reliable data analysis and predictions for individual members and the health plans of any size. Our model is regarded as the most accurate claims-based model available in the healthcare market meaning you can trust the accuracy of our forecasts

Measuring Risks in Dollars

HCRM has a unique approach to clinical risk assessment –  in dollars. This allows us to accurately and efficiently identify the 20% of health plan members who will drive 80% of future clinical risk and claims cost. Now you can easily see likely changes from the prior year and identify cost savings opportunities

Staying Ahead of Rising Costs

Clients can stay ahead of increasing claim costs and clinical risks by understanding which members and what conditions are driving those outcomes.  They can then implement strategies and programs to close gaps in care, improve member health and avoid future claims.

Enhance Your Future with Predictive Analytics

HCRM’s predictive analytics solutions offer actionable insights for better health management strategies, focused engagement, and identifying future risks. Our system provides convenient reporting and monitoring, enabling you to assess cost drivers and track risk changes with minimal effort. We've made predictive analytics in healthcare accessible and simple.

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Healthcare Predictive Analytics exists to empower healthcare organizations through thorough data mining and future forecasting. Here at HCRM, our predictive analytics models utilize leading technology and are the most cost effective in the market.

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